Monday, April 11, 2011

Younger than Springtime

It was absolutely gorgeous here yesterday. Somewhere upwards of 85. And we of course spent most of the day outside. (Actually, we spent a good part of the day driving - downtown to visit the newest Burger and then stuck in traffic on the way home. But I digress.)
Someone was of course on his tractor.
And I also got him to pose for the camera. He didn't like it, but I got at least one good one out of it.


Anonymous said...

yes its so hard but the best ones arent usually posed enjoy what good weather you get supposed to be nice here today love mom

rockle said...

love his shoes! and also: i would bet you money that by the end of the summer those cute little rolls on his thighs are going to be gone, but i can't afford to bet money because our house is falling down.

enjoy the nice weather while you can! it's supposed to be nice here today but they're also calling for rain 6 out of the next 10 days and i have a leaky roof. whee!

burger-burger said...

what rolls on his thighs?

Shelze said...

Looks like Joey is enjoying the weather! When did Danielle have the baby? What did they name it?