Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mud Castles and Mud Pies

The rain stopped for a bit yesterday, so after our playdate with Grace and Cara, we decided to venture outdoors. Joey couldn't wait to use his shovel and bucket, but there's no sand in our backyard. Guess who likes to play in the dirt!
Fortunately, there's a small area just in front of my hydrangeas that wasn't too clumpy. (There used to be hydrangeas there, but we moved some two years ago, and I replanted more last year in my neighbors front yard.)
He would shovel it all into his bucket, and then try to make a mud castle. Too cute. It rained pretty hard last night, so not sure if we're going to play out in the mud (or sand at the park) today. But maybe it'll clear up for tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

no that s wonderful i have another assistant for the garden work love mom

rockle said...

if you can part with him for a few days, my garden needs to be weeded.