Thursday, April 7, 2011

John Deere's Newest Spokesman

So did you hear the one about my boy and his tractor? I thought so. But since that is pretty much all we do in our "free" time, that's what you're going to see more pictures of. These are especially cute (to me, anyway) because about halfway through our play time, Joey says to me, "Mommy, I need my headphones to cut the grass." Not that they plug into anything on the tractor, but Daddy wears his headphones when he cuts the grass, so Joey wants to wear his.
Yes, he has lot of fun on his tractor. On the plus side, today, when he was ready to come in, he said, "Mommy, the tractor needs to charge." So at least he understands the battery doesn't last forever, and we can always use that excuse when we're ready to come inside. At least that's what I'm hoping.


rockle said...

in that 3rd picture he looks so much like you that i can't hardly stand it.

what will he do on vacation for a week without the tractor? (never mind, i already know: he'll hang around with shae and nana and pop-pop and eat cheese curls and lollies for breakfast, because that's how we roll.)

Anonymous said...

good luck with that you'll probably need 2 batteries love mom

Shelze said...

I love his faces! Don't forget his Kayla will be on vacation too, and lots of walks!