Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh Yeah - Happy Halloween!

Hey! Did I forget about Halloween? I think I did! Fortunately for me, school takes pictures of the kids every day and sends me an update. So I was able to go back and find some pictures of the kids in their costumes.
2013 halloween joey
Joey loves his Spiderman costume. Couldn't wait to get it on, and didn't want to take it off.
2013 halloween jacob
We had the turtle costume for Jacob, but since he was going to be dressed up all day, I thought it would be much easier for him if he just wore his skeleton pajamas. He looks so cute!
Happy Halloween!
I did manage one picture of the kids heading out to Trick or Treat. (Yes, that's an Easter "basket" Jacob is carrying. We only had one pumpkin!) The boys had so much fun going door to door, and Jacob wanted to be just like his big brother. It was raining most of the day, but it cleared up just enough for us to go around the cul-de-sac. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did That Really Happen?

So you remember those beautiful fall photos from Saturday I posted yesterday? Well, this was the scene Monday night after dinner.
Yes, that's snow you see on the ground. It started out as rain in the morning, but by the time we were coming back from lunch, the rain had started to turn to snow. It stuck on the grass and the cars. (Luckily, I kept the scraper and my good winter gloves in the trunk all summer, so I was prepared for this.) I had to promise Joey that if he at all his dinner, he could go outside.
Of course, as soon as Joey went outside, Jacob started screaming and crying to join in the fun. He doesn't yet have boots, but we have the snowsuit from when Joey was one, so out he went. The first thing he grabbed out of the garage was his hockey stick. I love my kids.
Yes, that's a headlamp on top of Joey's hat. I picked up a three-pack at Costco. I figured that since it gets dark so early in the winter, it would be fun for Joey to run around the backyard with it on. Didn't see him using it in the snow quite yet, but I'm glad he liked it.
Jacob was just so happy to be outside with his brother. I need to find some mittens with thumbs that fit him; I'm sure we have some somewhere. In the meantime, glad to see my boys love to be outdoors (especially in the snow) as much as I do!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall into Fun

This past weekend was full of fall fun, namely raking the leaves and playing in them. Joey, being the good helper and hard worker that he is, was of course the instigator of it all. When my parents were out visiting, we didn't have quite enough leaves on the ground yet to warrant raking. But the second there were leaves aplenty, he couldn't wait to get out there. On Saturday, we raked the back yard into a giant pile of leaves while Jacob napped. Then the shenanigans ensued.
Jumping into the pile.
Buried up to his chin.
Getting ready to jump!
Jacob getting in on the fun after his nap.
Brotherly love.
Mom's pay-off shot.
Learning to rake the leaves.
Diving in, head first!

Monday, November 11, 2013

County Line Orchard Redux

Back in September, we went to the County Line Orchard in Indiana with some friends. You might remember that post. (It was the last one I think I posted before this latest barrage.) I found some photos on the camera I thought you might enjoy.
Possibly my personal favorite. I do wish Joey looked a bit happier, but I'll take it.
The kids really do have so much fun together. Even just posing on a wooden bench together. And yes, my kid is the one in shorts (just like Daddy).
Does Marquette need a model for their line of toddler clothes? I have one ready!
Or maybe Ralph Lauren? Couldn't you see him in a little "Polo" outfit?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Goebbert's Part 2

Goebbert's not only had pumpkins, but it's very own petting (and feeding) zoo. The first animal the kids get to see? A giraffe!
Our friends bought a cup of carrots, and the kids couldn't wait to feed the giraffes. Well, their kids couldn't wait. Mine was scared to death.
There were also chickens to feed. Again, the kids were in heaven.
Even Jacob had fun watching the chickens run around the pen.
The kids also loved watching the pumpkin-eating dinosaur.
So much so that my kid actually left the petting zoo to go back out and watch the dinosaur eat more pumpkins!
We managed to get him back inside, and he and jacob had fun feeding the cows.
After all the excitement, the kids ended the visit playing on the slides and climbing area. Joey had fun "catching" Jacob at the bottom of the slide. (Full disclosure: Jacob would slow himself to the point of almost flipping over using his shoes. No need to catch him at the bottom. Was necessary to catch him once almost flipping off the slide, though. Fun times for mommy.) 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm just going to keep taking this blog back in time until I catch up on all the fun stuff we've done this fall. By that time we may be ready for Thanksgiving. (just kidding - maybe)
I think it was two weekends before Halloween (or maybe more) that we went to Goebbert's in Schaumburg. On your way into the actual "park," they have all these cute cutouts you can pose by.
Here are the boys next to Buzz Lightyear.
Joey even got to ride in the Mystery Machine with Shaggy.
Jacob had some of his own fun posing with Daddy.
There were of course play tractors that boys couldn't wait to get on. They had so much fun playing together (and their friends, who I'm sure will make an appearance in another post).
I even managed to get the family to pose for a group shot. OK, pose might be a stretch, but they at least all sat still for me.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Night Continues

After all the fun pumpkin carving, the kids were on to the next adventure. This one happened to involve the piano.
I think Joey or Jacob got them started, but at some point all of the kids were playing on it at once. It was so cute to see them all lined up banging on the keys.
It was a bit of a stretch for Jacob, but he made sure he could make his own music.
Gratuitous cute-kid-shot. And yes, I'm going to milk his willingness to ham for the camera as long as he'll keep it up.
After the piano, the kids were on to Candy Land. Jacob played Godzilla for a bit, but once we got him under control, the kids kept on playing. I was so proud of Joey, too. He was such a good sport.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

The weekend before Halloween, we visited with some friends who were in town from Michigan to carve pumpkins.
Joey loved helping Daddy clean the pumpkin and carve it.
The kids were so proud of their creations.
I tried to do a "night" shot. A couple of the kids (not mine, of course) were able to stand still while the camera did it's thing. 
We also went outside to play for a bit. I was able to get this one of Joey with all of the creations. Such a fun night!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Playing Ball

Catching up on some pictures I finally downloaded off my camera. I believe these were from early October. My boys absolutely love being outside. And they love playing ball.
Love this action shot of Joey. I can just imagine him cutting around some defense man.
How can you not smile when you see Jacob smile like this? He already loves to kick the ball around. Can't wait until he's actually playing soccer.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma

The last weekend in October we celebrated Grandma's birthday.
I managed to get Joey to sit still long enough to get a picture of him with Grandma. There may have been promises of cake and cookies, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details.
The kids couldn't wait to help Grandma blow out the candles.
Jacob had fun talking to Old Grandpa and hearing his pigeon imitations.
He also had fun hanging out with Grandpa.
When it was time to go, my "workerman" had kisses to go around. We're so lucky to have such great family!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Already?!?!

First, apologies for the absence. It's amazing how much harder two is than one. And admittedly, I've chosen to spend almost all my free time with the kids instead of on the computer. But I digress ...

Joey couldn't wait to open his presents on his birthday. We let him open one before school. (Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper. Don't judge me!)
After dinner, he couldn't wait to dive into the cupcakes. He had picked it out the day before at the store, and kept trying to eat it for a good 24 hours. I'm just glad he enjoyed as much as he thought he would.
Jacob also had fun. He's such a ham!
And yes, you can tell who wanted to take this picture, who didn't, and who was just in it for the cookie.