Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Theme Song

Happy Halloween!

We got Joey these adorable pajamas, and of course had to photograph bedtime because of them.

This was Joey's actual costume. (Thanks, Nana!) He didn't mind the actual body so much today, but that hat ... no way!

I had these great plans to get him a red cape and little sailor beanie so he could go as Tuck and not just some generic turtle. Oh well.

Look, Nana! Mom's getting ready to ship me to Easton. I can be your Christmas present.

Happy Birthday, Baby

It was a year ago today that we welcomed our little man into our lives. Happy Birthday, Joey. We love you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pour Some Sugar (or Holy Water) on Me

So I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from the actual baptism. It was actually quite an interesting morning. On our way to church, I realized I had forgotten both Joey's sippy cup as well as the little puffed snacks I normally bring with me to church. When all else fails, he's usually hungry. Instead of sending Daddy back to get them (the church is less than 5 minutes away from our house), I opted to go commando, so to speak, and hope for the best. BIG MISTAKE!! He slept through church, but then cried almost the entire baptism ceremony.

We got him to quiet down just long enough to snap this picture before it all started.

Oh, and did I mention the only time he wasn't crying was when they poured the water on his head?!?! I think he was ready to jump in the baptismal font and go swimming!

We were able to get one parting shot of the whole group. (Yes, my parents are Joey's God-parents.) Of course nobody is looking at the same camera, but whatevs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Samurai Spirits

On Saturday night, we headed to Benihana for dinner because what better way to celebrate a first birthday than with an onion volcano?! And who wants to cook for 10 people anyway?

Joey obliged by wearing his Benihana chef's hat, although it didn't last very long.

And I'm including the token family shot. Somehow we all ended up in blue, although that was not at all coordinated. Clearly neither were any of the faces.

Thanks again to my wonderful sister for sharing the photos!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. M with a Munching Mouth

Daddy sent me some pictures from today. And it put me in such a better mood. Joey's pulling himself up to get a hold of the BEST licorice - Kookaburra. Especially the strawberry. If you like black licorice, that's good, too. And apparently Joey loved the left over meatballs we had. Guess Momma will have to make them more often. Anything to put that smile on his face.

The Real Me

You can all thank my sister Rachel for the wonderful pictures. She was kind enough to donate some images to me so I can blog about this past weekend without another breakdown. I don't necessarily remember what was going on in all these pics, but here's my best guess ...

Friday morning. I may or may not have showered yet. (I'm guesing I have, but can't be sure.) I haven't taken a good photo of the boy and I in a while, and while my sister was in town with her good camera (and excellent photography skills), I figured I'd get a shot.

For some reason, before this past weekend, Joey never really pulled himself up on the window sill. But he did it all weekend long. It's the perfect height for him, and at least it keeps him from trying to play with the outlets in the dining room. And he was absolutely fascinated with what was going on out there. Not that it was anything special, but that he could see the outside, through the window, all on his own. I can only imagine how hard his little brain was working to process it all.

What? Me? I'm not getting into any trouble. Just snap the picture and let me go about my business.

Find more photos of the boy and his cousin at rockle-riffic.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Take It Easy

So this past week has been a whirlwind tour. Thursday night, my parents, sister and brother-in-law arrived at Casa Burger. Early Friday morning (although due to rain, not as early as they had hoped), my older sister, other brother-in-law, and niece showed up. Then it was napping, shopping, playing, eating. On Saturday, more of the same. (See Rachel's blog for a photo journal. Mostly Shae, but definitely some cute pictures of Joey.)

Sunday was the big day. Joey was baptized at St. Emily's in Mt. Prospect, and then we had his first birthday party immediately afterwards. More running around, forgetting Joey's sippy cup (and snacks) before church, a sleeping baby during mass, a screaming baby during the baptism (except when they poured the water on him - he loves water!), setting up, entertaining, eating, singing, blowing out the candle, more eating, opening presents, cleaning up, packing up, unpacking, sitting for a minute, then on a plane to Atlanta, after which I had waiting an hour and a half drive to Macon, arriving at hotel around midnight. To say I'm burnt out is an understatement. And to top it all off I left my ENTIRE family in Chicago, and won't get to see most of them until Christmas. Daddy and the boy will be waiting for me in Chicago, but I won't get to see them until Thursday night. Oh, and did I mention the coughing and early morning wake-ups that I feel horrible Daddy has to deal with?

And to top it all off, I have no new pictures for you. This is it - you get to listen to me whine and complain. Which I try not to do too often, especially on this blog. I try to make it a refuge of happiness. But I'm spent. I don't remember enjoying the day yesterday. Maybe for a second when I put the candle in the cupcake and put it in front of Joey. But he didn't even want the cupcake! (I guess that's good.) Oh well. At least I'll be able to spend his actual birthday with him. Maybe I'll get some good pictures then.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Pirate Looks at Forty

I finally woke up with my alarm this morning, which meant I was showered and dressed before Joey woke up. The morning just seems to go so much smoother that way. And Joey had some extra time to play downstairs.

Here he is climbing all over the entertainment cetner (again). He also was climbing all over the drawers in the kitchen, pulling out the plastic tupperware lids and throwing them everywhere.

This past weekend we got him a Little People tractor, which he absolutely loves to push around the entire house. He hasn't figured out how to make it make noise, but he loves it when it moos and sings! And check out his cool let's-get-in-the-Halloween-spirit socks! They also work for pirate week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Sunday night is bath night. No, that's not the only night of the week we bathe, but usually it's a longer night for Mommy and Daddy (we're not rushing home from work and trying to cook and feed and then clean the boy), so we normally have a nice long splash in the tub. Unfortunately, the weather has turned, and it was quite cold up in the bathroom. (We'll have to start turning the heat up about an hour before bath time so Joey stays warm.)

In preparation for winter, though, we bought him a big-kid bath towel. Complete with a hood and extra square footage to do some extra wrapping. He doesn't usually like it too much until we look in the mirror. Then he cracks up. Daddy snapped this one not too long after the mirror.

He just looked so cute all cuddled up on the bed. And he was beat. No struggle at all getting into our pajamas, and then pretty much right to sleep. He's resting up for all his visitors!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cool Relax

This was a wonderful week for Mommy. I didn't have to travel all week, and I don't have to travel at all this coming week. Well, not until Sunday night. (That's another story for another day.) After being on the road for two straight weeks, it's nice to be home.

This picture is one of the reason I'm really loving being home. We were getting Joey ready for school Friday morning, and Daddy was sitting with him while I finished all the last minute things that inevitably come up before you leave for work. Look at how comfortable he looks! I didn't even want to have to move him, but he had to go to daycare.

Joey also loves to climb all over our entertainment center, and then play with whatever happens to be on top. Inevitably, the frog umbrella is there. It's from his Peekaboo book. I've taped it in a few times, but he keeps ripping it out, so I've stopped trying. He just grabs that page and waves it and is so proud of himself that he got it. Mommy's proud, too, kiddo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take Me out to the Ball Game

If you look closely, you'll see Joey's supporting his favorite baseball team. (At least his favorite team playing this October.) Go Phillies!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Speed Racer

At my last trade show, one of the vendors was giving out model cars. I got one for Joey, and he loves it! Moves it back and forth, and today he figured out how the doors open. Hours of fun!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pizza! Pizza!

Some video of Joey eating the pizza. (And laughing at Daddy, who's off-camera.)

I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

We definitely know what Joey's favorite food is ... pizza! Oh my goodness. He ate a slice and a half at dinner tonight. Now I'm not talking about the absolutely scrumptious New York slice that you fold in half and all the grease drips off, but maybe half of one of those. Yes, thin crust. Tomato and basil. (He even ate the basil!) I didn't think he was going to ever stop.

Joey had absolutely no problem shoveling the bits into his mouth.

And he couldn't wait to get some more!

What are you looking at? Yeah, I ate that pizza. And I'll do it again! (At least Mommy doesn't have to worry if he was still hungry after dinner.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Come Monday

Again, I've been bad about posting pictures, but at least I've been taking some. This weekend was definitely a time to relax. I've been on the road for the last two weeks (business and pleasure), so I was looking forward to a boat-load of nothing. It was glorious.

Joey's climbing all over everything. In case you couldn't tell, this is his attempt to climb the stairs. Unfortunately, since we have hardwood floors, he just can't get that knee up on the first step. (If we had carpet, we'd be in trouble!!)

I also have been trying to put his toys into a rotation, mostly so he doesn't get bored (and we don't have to buy a bazillion toys). Needless to say, I busted out the Easter bunny, and he absolutely loves it. Now he bops around while it's singing and dancing, and tries to figure out how those ears work. Too cute!

As you can see here, he's standing up quite a bit these days. Not quite yet cruising, but definitely getting better on his feet. Unless, of course, he's tired. Then he inevitably falls on his bum (and then usually bumps his head). That's how we know it's nap time. Kidding!

Tonight Joey was a bit fussy, so while we were playing, I just lay down on the floor, and he started climbing all over me. Then he realized he could also watch tv (The Family Guy was on), and he was so content.

And as I sat here tonight, I looked over at the staircase and saw the baby jacket and the momma jacket hanging there. I can't believe it's been almost a year already. Soon enough his jacket will be bigger than mine, but in the meantime, I'm going to try to remember to step back every once in a while and inhale.

Now if only the Phillies could get it together ...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Escape from the Mooselodge

Good things come to those who wait. And I've made you wait long enough for new pictures of Joey. You're welcome.

Today was not a great day for the boy. Since he had a fever yesterday, we knew he was going to be home from school today. His fever seemed to break this morning (around 99), but throughout the day was anywhere between 100 and 102. It seemed to be coming back down this evening, and he definitely seemed a bit more playful after dinner. We even got a big smile out of him! And yes, those are fleece pajamas. We have a frost warning tonight and tomorrow, so I'd rather keep him warm than worry.

Joey still loves to play with the ethernet cords. I snapped this one as he was waving his hands wildly up and down, showing Mommy he "won" and reached the cord. Seriously, though, aren't these pj's adorable? I love moose!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rock the Vote!

If you think my niece is cute, please vote here for her to be featured in a Gap window ad!

Island Fever

Quick recap - we're back. We had a great time. Joey's running a fever again. Mom and Dad are stressed out. We'll be fine, but, you know, he was sent home from school and went to sleep almost as soon as we got home, so we worry.

This one is from the day of the wedding. In the near background, you can see the happy couple. And that's our ship in the far background. I'm sure there'll be a couple more pictures posted soon. Sorry to disappoint that it's not a picture of Joey.

And before I forget ... a big THANK YOU! to my sister Rachel. She designed the fabulous background for my blog. I think it's awesome!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carpet Crawlers

This one is a couple weeks old, from the day we went to the Chicago Fire game. But he's still cute!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Smile Like Yours

Again, back in Denver. Claire was playing in the Exersaucer, and Joey just had to see what she was up to. (I think he has a way with the ladies.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cheap Sunglasses

This one is from our weekend in Denver. Joey loves sunglasses. Almost as much as he loves Daddy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clap Your Hands

Since I'm going to be gone for a few days, I thought I might try something different. So I am loading a few extra pictures that should post over the next few days. Hope you enjoy! See you next week!

Joey loves to clap. And he is so proud of himself when he does something good. You can just see it in his eyes. I absolutely love that look!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My Beloved Monster

Joey was such a trooper today. He's been congested all week, and today he had to get his flu shot. I trust that Dr. Subramanian wouldn't have given it to him if he couldn't handle it.

Needless to say, by 6:40 tonight he was exhausted and irritable. He was so cranky, so I went to what always works - Family Guy! It at least kept his interest until I could get his pacifier and sippy cup. And then we had less than 2 minutes of crying and the boy was out. I miss him already!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sharp Dressed Man

As promised, here are more pictures from this weekend. Before the wedding, we hung out at the house our friends were renting. Five babies under 14 months old, and Joey was the only boy. (Not sure if he even noticed.)

Here he is playing with Zoe. He was just so happy to have other babies around. They had so much fun playing with the toys.

We dressed him up in his Sunday best, again, and partied like rock stars at the wedding. OK, Daddy and Mommy partied like rock stars, but everyone agreed Joey was a sharp dressed man. Maybe the best-looking guy there.

It had snowed a few days before we arrived in Breckenridge, and the mountains still had their snow caps when we posed for this photo. I love the mountains. Maybe one day we'll have a condo (or a time share). I'm not a skier, but just being outside is wonderful.

Here are all the babies, lined up Sunday morning. Needless to say, they were not happy. And Joey couldn't crawl away fast enough. We snapped a few pictures, and this was the best I got. Maybe when they get a little older. Can't wait to see all the babies at Thanksgiving!