Monday, January 6, 2014

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We spent Christmas eve with Buszi, Grandpa, Uncle John, Aunt Danielle, Wolfie and Otto. The boys love playing with their cousins.
I got them to pose by the tree, but Joey didn't really want to (as you can see from this picture).
Buszi and her babies.
Buszi bought Joey and Wolfie these cute gingerbread houses that they got to put together. Definitely kept them busy and out of trouble. 
Christmas morning, before the kiddos were up. The big "take" was hidden behind the blue rocking chair, which Joey found immediately. 
Here are the boys ripping into their presents. The microphone Jacob had was a last-minute gift from Daddy. Might have been the second-best present of the morning. The favorite, of course, was the electric remote-controlled Lego train Santa brought the boys. (Joey thinks it's his, and Daddy thinks it's his.) 
The boys had fun playing with all their presents. Jacob loves his new push tractor, and Joey loves it, too. Santa is so good :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's Still Snowing

I don't even remember which snowstorm these were from. Thursday morning, I think. We got a good 8-10 inches Wednesday night into Thursday, so the kids were home on Thursday. Of course they wanted to be out in the snow.
I finally got Jacob to wear his good mittens. He hated them at first, but I think he has the hang of holding on to things with them now.
You know Joey wanted to be out there. And yes, the snow is from the snow that was actually falling, not from any face-planting or anything.
I did manage to get one decent shot of the two of them. And in case you didn't know, sand toys work extremely well in the snow.
The two loved playing together. They could have played out there all day together, except for the cold. Winters are and are going to be so great with the two of them!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014