Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grandpa's Car

Right behind his tractor and tricycle, Joey's favorite past times is playing in cars. I mean, I think he could stay in them for hours if we let him.
He usually spends most of the time in the front seat, but by no means is that the only place he plays. He'll "jump" over to the passenger side and has been known to climb into the back to check things out (and maybe play with the buckles on his car seat).
He does love the front, though. Enough to even flash me a big smile.
Doesn't he look like he already knows what he's doing?


rockle said...

note to self: remember to put the emergency brake on when we go on vacation.

Anonymous said...

thats what i was thinking and windows down..i am too afraid i just think he needs to know how everything operates love mom

Anonymous said...

its a beautiful day in my neighborhood !!!! love mom hopefully dad can get a bunny pic they are faster than him... love mom