Friday, April 22, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

We went to Buszi's yesterday to start getting ready for Easter. There were lots of eggs to be colored, but first, there were cupcakes to frost.
I guess eating the frosting off the cheese spreader is ok. I mean, there's not an actual blade on the spreader, so it's really more a spoon, right?
Joey had a lot of fun with the actual egg coloring. I wrote everyone's names on the first set of eggs, and then Joey wanted the wax "crayon" so he could "color" the eggs, too. There are some that have a lot of artwork, and some with just a line or two. But he had fun!
He really liked putting the eggs in the different cups. He kept trying to put multiples in the same cup, but my mother-in-law was there to keep her eye on him. (She actually did most of the work. I helped dissolve the pellets and clean up, but she was really the one keeping an eye on the boy.)
He also couldn't wait to take the eggs out of the dye. I even had the foresight (eventually) to tape a little bit of the activities. He tried using the little wand, but eventually just went in with his fingers. I'll let you know how long it takes to get the dye off.


rockle said...

we colored exactly zero eggs. i win at easter!

Anonymous said...

i dont know the timing but pretty soon he'll be able to run 563 Orchard singl ehandedly love mom

Shelze said...

I cannot wait until Makayla wants to color Easter eggs! I love how he wanted to double up the eggs!