Friday, January 30, 2009

Grin and "Bear" It

So for the most part, Joey spends his days in his Sleep 'n Plays, which are also known as pajamas. (I only explain this because apparently Daddy was completely confused when I referred to them as Sleep 'n Plays.) Since we received a few outfits from friends and family as gifts for various occasions (and they are absolutely adorable), I figured for the next few weeks, every time we plan to leave the house for anything other than food shopping, we'd dress up. This way we'd wear everything at least once. (It's amazing how fast three months goes by.) And yes, Mom, we have plenty of socks!

Today also marks Joey's 13-week birthday. (Tomorrow will be officially 3 months.) He's getting so much bigger, and I'm getting so much better at understanding him. I can now tell when he's tired, which means we're going down for at least 3 naps a day. They're still only about an hour long, but I'm hoping if we can establish good sleeping habits, then maybe he'll sleep longer at a time and only need two naps. He is starting to sleep better at night, although after 5 or 6 hours he starts his "fussy" sleep. For the next 2-3 hours, he'll wake up every 10 to 45 minutes, going almost immediately back to sleep once I put his pacifier in. Which means he does usually sleep 8-9 hours at a time, but Mommy and Daddy don't. It also doesn't help that he's falling asleep around 7:00, which is way too early for me to go to bed, too. But again, I'm hoping with better naps, we'll be able to push bedtime back a bit, and then we'll all be getting really good sleep. I'll keep you all updated.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get a Hold

More time with the gym today. And Joey was doing a great job of holding the plastic toys I added, pulling them towards him and trying to chew on them. I've got a video, too, but Dad is trying out for Jeopardy! online today, so I have to pass him the computer. Good luck, Daddy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hold Your Head Up

More tummy time today. I just can't believe how big he's getting! We made a little video, too.

We love and miss you, Nana and Pop-Pop! And Aunt Rachel and Aunt Shelley and Shae!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Wink and a Smile

Smiley, Happy People from Jaime Burger on Vimeo.

Hopefully this is the first of many video blogs. I just have to make sure I can figure out how to do it. This one shows that Joey's a happy baby. And he's getting to be a talkative one. Before you know it he'll be able to say "I love you, Nana"!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I was experimenting with floor time today. When Joey was in daycare, they would lay him in the Boppy on his back, so he could more easily swat at the gym. After about 45 minutes of that, he seemed to be getting bored, so I thought we'd try some tummy time. I had him just on the blanket at first, but then I realized if he was able to hold up his head for any time, but couldn't put it down softly, it would hit with a thud on our hardwood floors. So I tried propping him up on the Boppy on his tummy. Look what Joey can do! We knew he could hold his head up when we were burping him, but this was the definitely the most impressive of his moves. And he's sticking out his tongue for added cuteness.

Note: This blog is titled after the Kanye song, not Britney's.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thumbing My Way

So Joey's finally figured it out. The last couple weeks or so he's been sucking on his fingers, and today, he finally found his thumb. I know that sounds silly, but when he makes a fist, he tucks his thumb under his fingers, so he usually just ends up sucking his index finger. This afternoon, it was all thumb. Daddy's not too thrilled about it, but being an ex-thumb-sucker myself, I only look at the bright side - we won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to put his thumb in his mouth like we do sometimes with the pacifier. And we don't have to worry about his thumb falling on the floor (although Lord knows how dirty his hands really are).

"School" is going much better, too. He slept really well yesterday (for him, anyway), and still fell asleep before 8pm last night. He woke up at midnight, and then not again until 3:45, so it wasn't too bad. Except for the snow we had AGAIN, which meant both Mommy and Daddy had to be up early to get ready for work. But we're figuring it out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

My sister's  been talking about posting pictures of her daughter in front of a tree, so I figured I'd get in on the action. If you look closely, Cupcake's eating "cubes!", also known to us as ice cubes. I've never seen a kid so excited to eat ice before. It's crazy. And adorable.

Yesterday was the first day of school for Joey. (Sorry, Dad took him, so no pictures.) I did really well until about lunch time. That's when the hundredth person asked me how the little guy was doing, and for the first time ever I didn't know. He did really well. Didn't sleep much, which meant he passed out when he got home. (And only woke up twice last night - once at 2, which I think was really me waking him up because he sounded like he was having trouble breathing through his congestion. The second time was at 3 to eat, and then he didn't wake up again until 6:30!) We'll see how day two goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Woke Up This Morning

I think what I'm going to miss most when I go back to work is our morning time together. Joey's been getting up now sometime between 8 and 8:30, and we play on the bed while Daddy's getting ready for work. (No, he's not really sleeping that late. He's usually been up at least once if not twice before then. This morning he was up at 1:30, 5:30, and then again at 6:30, so it's not like I'm really sleeping in.) He's really such a happy kid. We play for 30 to 45 minutes, then he eats a little after 9, and then by 10 he's down for a nap. At least that's been the schedule this week. And next week - all I'll have time for is to feed him at 5:30 or 6 when he wakes up (hopefully it'll only be one of those times), and then pump and get ready for work. I can't believe it's time already. It's going by so fast.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Run Through the Jungle

Joey's been having more fun on his bouncy chair lately. Definitely more engaged by the flashing lights, and I've learned how much he likes to be bounced. He'll grab onto my fingers, and I'll sing to him, bouncing him to the beat. He loves it. Especially to his ABCs. I think because I can change the beat pretty easily. It's such an awesome feeling to see his huge grin, and even hear him laugh sometimes.

Note - This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I've been having issues uploading images to blogger. Sorry for the delay!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Man

So we were pretty busy while we were in Easton. Above are Joey's great-grandparents on mom's side. Poppy and Nana Black and Nana Haldaman. They all had so much fun holding the little guy! And he enjoyed himself, too.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Doctor's Office

We had our two-month check-up today, and all is looking good. Joey's still a bit congested, but it's not in his chest at all, and the doctor just said to keep at it with suctioning and the saline drops. He weighed in at 12 lbs 7 oz, so clearly mom and dad are getting a better workout every day. His length didn't seem to change at all, but the doctor thinks that it was just a measuring error. (Joey really heights the scale, mostly, I think because he has to be naked on it, and it's not exactly warm in the doctor's office. So he tends to curl up a bit and not really want to extend his legs at all.) In case you were worried, his head circumference is also measuring "normal". He did get the DTaP and pneumococcal shots today, so he wasn't a happy camper. Fortunately, he got the shots right around nap time, so he's happily dozing away in his car seat. Now we just hope he doesn't get a fever (which is apparently common with these shots).

The above picture is from last Sunday, December 28th. The only Bears fans in Easton that day. (If the Bears and Vi-queens won, the Eagles would've been out of the playoffs.)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Business

I promise, more pictures are coming. The first one is of the grandparents and their babies. At least that's what I thought it was supposed to be. Rockle thought it was just supposed to be the grandbabies. Hence the crop job. But you get the gist.

And I'm just noticing now that everyone's in some shade of blue. Completely coincidental. But it looks good, doesn't it?