Saturday, April 9, 2011

Outdoor Fun

It's been rainy here, it seems like much of the rest of the country (or at least the East Coast). Personally, I try to remind myself that it's good for the flowers and means I don't have to water everything, so in general, I don't mind it too much. For Joey, though, it means we don't bring the tractor up from the basement. Poor thing. It's a good thing we have plenty of other toys.
He had lots of fun on his tricycle. He actually pedaled on his own!
He also loves to play in the garage. While we were just hanging out, he looks up, points to the aluminum bucket and says to me, "Mommy, we need the bucket for when we go fishing." What? I mean, how does he know that? So I asked him. He said Buszi told him. Guess who lets Joey play in the garage?
The boy just loves being outside. And I plan on continuing to nurture that love for the outdoors. Can't wait for the 80 degrees tomorrow!


rockle said...

buszi takes him fishing? maybe we should get some fishing poles for vacation so joey & shae & pop-pop can pretend to go fishing in the bay.

Anonymous said...

joey really enjoys it and the grass looks nice must be all the mowing !!!!!