Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Brunch

Every year, Joey's daycare does an Easter brunch the weekend before Easter. They serve pancakes and sausages (Joey's favorite!), have various games throughout the center, an Easter egg hunt, and of course, pictures with the Easter bunny! Joey was just as scared of the Easter bunny today as he was when we went last week to the mall.
But when the bunny took a break, he couldn't get into his chair fast enough! I managed to get one cute picture of him there.
They had a tattoo station ...
and a water table! (I think this was the highlight of the event for most of the kids Joey's age.)
Joey did much better this year during the egg hunt portion. He actually understood he needed/wanted to pick up the eggs. Well, first he wanted to play with all the toys that were in the playground. When I convinced him they were all wet and we couldn't use them, he finally started picking up the eggs.
I tried to get one picture of us together. But Joey was having too much fun playing with his friends and didn't want to stop moving. I'll try again next weekend.


rockle said...

it's supposed to rain here next weekend. i am sort of a little bit hoping it does. i love egg hunts, but i am SO TIRED.

Anonymous said...

i love his expressions...faces like daddy love mom