Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Samurai Spirits

On Saturday night, we headed to Benihana for dinner because what better way to celebrate a first birthday than with an onion volcano?! And who wants to cook for 10 people anyway?

Joey obliged by wearing his Benihana chef's hat, although it didn't last very long.

And I'm including the token family shot. Somehow we all ended up in blue, although that was not at all coordinated. Clearly neither were any of the faces.

Thanks again to my wonderful sister for sharing the photos!


rockle said...

apropos of nothing, have you ever seen the episode of "king of queens" where doug writes a song about arthur living in the basement? i keep thinking of the episode and writing new lyrics:

"benihana, benihana, benihana, benihana, DINNER!DINNER!DINNER!DINNER!, benihana, benihana ..."

guess you had to be there.

mom said...

i guess i have to wait to see the halloween costume photos till halloween you'll be headed home today !!!! yeah ! go PHILLIES love mom