Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Sunday night is bath night. No, that's not the only night of the week we bathe, but usually it's a longer night for Mommy and Daddy (we're not rushing home from work and trying to cook and feed and then clean the boy), so we normally have a nice long splash in the tub. Unfortunately, the weather has turned, and it was quite cold up in the bathroom. (We'll have to start turning the heat up about an hour before bath time so Joey stays warm.)

In preparation for winter, though, we bought him a big-kid bath towel. Complete with a hood and extra square footage to do some extra wrapping. He doesn't usually like it too much until we look in the mirror. Then he cracks up. Daddy snapped this one not too long after the mirror.

He just looked so cute all cuddled up on the bed. And he was beat. No struggle at all getting into our pajamas, and then pretty much right to sleep. He's resting up for all his visitors!!