Friday, February 6, 2009

Time for Change

So you can see we're still doing the dress up thing. It's actually fun to put him in all his cute clothes. Today, though, we had an overflow diaper (fortunately only number one), so we had to change. And wouldn't you know it - we fit in our 3-6 month clothes! (Double entendre for the title, in case you didn't figure it out - changing diapers and changing clothes sizes.) Thanks again, Aunt Rachel, for the cute green track suit. At least I think it's from Aunt Rachel. Maybe Aunt Shelley? Who gave what to Joey for Christmas is all a little fuzzy.

We're also having a bit of trouble sleeping today. Only took an hour nap this morning at 8, and then another hour nap at 1 this afternoon. And the afternoon nap was only after I lay down with him for over an hour beforehand. Needless to say, we're a little cranky right now. You wouldn't know it from the pictures, though - they were taken this morning.


Shelze said...

Can't take the credit for this outfit...I got him cordaroy (sp?) pant outfit. I don't think it matters what you put him in...looks like he loves it!

Teresa said...

It sounds like you're staying home with Joey again? Too bad you don't live nearer. I'm looking for people to hang out with during the day!!

rockle said...

if the track suit is from old navy, than it's from me. it sure is cute though, so i'll gladly take credit either way!