Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Interrupted

Given that I've been such a slacker the last week and a half when it comes to blogging, I had already scheduled the next three or so blogs to post. After tonight, I had to postpone the blogs and let you know what's going on. Right now.

Joey was not on his best behavior at school today, but he was doing pretty well once we got home. He helped me mix the oatmeal raisin cookie batter (he loves to use the beaters, and is actually quite good with them!), he ran the vacuum (of course), and he even helped wash the dishes. As I was finishing up in the kitchen, he was quietly playing in the living room. I should've known better. When I walked in to check on him, he had this smile on his face. I could see he had colored all over his arms, but I couldn't tell what he was really smiling about. Then he started pointing ...
OMG! And this wasn't with the washable markers. No. The washable dry erase markers are completely dried out. (Somebody left the caps off the markers. I'm not saying who.) So I had brought out the other dry erase markers. Never again.
I know he looks like he's being tortured in this picture, but when I got out the Magic Erasers, he actually asked if he could help me. He got bored with it eventually, but not until after we got most of it off the wall. Hopefully he learned his lesson. I'm not holding my breath.


mom said...

never trust a quiet kid...unless they are sound asleep love mom

rockle said...

i warned you about the dangerous kind of quiet. even worse is when you ask "what are you doing?" and they answer "um, nothing."