Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cousin Time

Joey got to spend some time with his cousin Hannah today, and he loved every second of it. As usual, they both pretended to be shy for the first 15 minutes. Then they were inseparable.
They both loved playing with my cell phone.
And I did manage to get at least one good picture of the two of them.
But more importantly, Grandpa taught Joey how to Pogo.
Of course, Hannah couldn't wait to join the fun! (Yes, that's my cell phone Joey's still playing with. He loves that thing.)


rockle said...

what is that, a pogo slot machine game? i might be able to get a slot machine game on my iphone for when he comes to visit, and then i can be the favorite aunt, as if i weren't already BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. just kidding. i'm just the FUNNY aunt. as in, funny in the oh-god-no sort of way.

(and actually i already have a game that he'll probably love, it's called monkey lunch box or something and shae goes BANANAS over it.)

Anonymous said...

yes shae likes poppit and i love sharing pogo!!!! what do you want for joey for easter clothes???,an outfit...just let me know love mom