Monday, March 14, 2011

Joey Loves Babies

We spent time today with some of our Ignatius "cousins." Grace and Cara stopped by Nicole's for a playdate! Joey and Grace had fun playing together, especially when bounding the giant exercise ball Nicole keeps in her living room. Joey got to meet Baby Tano, and couldn't wait to hold him!
He really is so good with babies.
And I couldn't pass on this feet shot. I mean, look at how big his feet look next to Tano's! I can't believe how big Joey is. It goes by so fast.

CORRECTION: D'oh! Somehow the second and third sentences of the first paragraph were missing. I've added them back. Didn't mean to leave anyone out!


Shelze said...

I can't wait to see Joey with Makayla again! And, I agree, it does go by way too fast :(

rockle said...

i can't believe my child ever had small feet. her feet are as big as my face now.

Anonymous said...

is that nicoles baby...he is pretty big...and regardless joey is a loving child i love you mom clothes are in living room now i have to get them in suitcase