Friday, March 18, 2011

Cutting the Grass

During all this wonderful weather, Joey decided the grass needed to be cut. So while Mommy worked in the garden, Joey got busy.
He could push that little push mower around the backyard forever.
Unless, of course, we get the riding mower out. Then forget about it. That's all he wants. He has gotten a lot better at steering, with all the practice. He still needs a little help once in a while, but by the end of the summer, he'll probably be able to keep up with Daddy.


rockle said...

my favorite part of this is ... his little gardening gloves. SO ADORBS!

burger-burger said...

i think they were 3 or 4 bucks at target. they're rolled a few times so they stay on his fingers, which is even better because they'll last a few years!