Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Time

Thanks to a great e-fare from United, we were able to sneak away for the weekend to visit the family in Easton. Joey had so much fun with his cousins. In an attempt to not steal all the pics from my sister's blog, I'm only posting a few that I took on my own camera. (Since she had hers out, I deferred to her most of the time.)
Joey had fun taking his cousin Makayla for a walk. He couldn't wait to push the stroller!
Makayla had some fun of her own on the walk. I think she loved being outside in the fresh air. (Not to mention it's infinitely quieter outside than inside, even if we're still loud outside.)
Needless to say, Joey and Shae took no naps. So when bed time rolled around, they both crashed. I decided to try putting Joey in the pack and play, but I think this was the last time he'll be able to do it. He's getting so big!


Anonymous said...

he just barely fit...i never saw him at rest but i love him too much love mom

rockle said...

permission granted to use the joey pics i took for your blog. i usually don't post anything that doesn't have my kid in it -- i'm kind of a narcissist that way. (link backs welcome, of course, but not necessary.)

seriously: i took over 1k pics in three days. there will be minimal overlap.

Shelze said...

I would love that picture of Makayla. I want to put it in her photobook and put a copy on my locker at work!