Monday, February 28, 2011

Riding the Tractor

So even though I haven't been the best about posting, I have actually been taking pictures. Believe it or not, there was a time last week when the snow had almost all melted away, and we could pretend it was spring. I mean, we still needed our winter coats and hats and mittens, but there was NO SNOW!
Of course, we did what we've been waiting to do since Christmas. We brought Joey's tractor up from the basement to let him take it for a spin around the neighborhood. Now, there was some snow, so he couldn't cut the grass (which is all he wants to do), but he did get to drive on the sidewalks.
He had a great time! He didn't quite get how the pedal works, but by the second time out, he was all over it. (It was actually quite cute - I would press on his foot to show him to push it down, and then he would bend over and use his hand to press on his foot, just like Mommy.)


mom said...

order me a print of the 1st picture just regular size thanks love mom

rockle said...

i think that skype call we had where all he wanted to do was drive around outside on the tractor was seriously one of the best moments we've ever had. that kid sure does love his tractor!