Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swings (Take 2)

Apparently, I just needed to put Joey on the big boy swings. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so we spent some time at the park. (After doing some yard work first, hence the green garden gloves that he did not want to take off.) I was trying to encourage him to get on the swings by showing him how I do it, and he wanted to get on the one next to Mommy. Spent a good ten minutes on them, with a smile almost the whole time. Definitely an improvement from the baby swings a few days ago. Now if only Mommy could stop imaging him falling off backwards and splitting his head open, we could all enjoy the swings.


rockle said...

we are totally related, because everything fun that shae wants to do is followed by a "no, you'll crack your head open."

Anonymous said...

what you did was fall off and sprain your ankle!!! around the same age love mom