Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cutting the Grass

Seriously, our boy is nuts. But he loves the outdoors. The last two mornings, while still our in our pj's, we've gone for walks with the lawn mower. In the snow. (Because it's Chicago and it's snowed at least enough to cover the sidewalks and lawn every night for the last four nights.) You can tell he loves it, and it gets me walking, so why am I complaining? I guess I'm not, really. It is cute, though, to see this little kid pushing the lawn mower through the snow. We had to stop a few times to clean the snow off the rear tires so that they'd spin, and he'd get really frustrated when there was too much snow and the front tires didn't rotate. We both can't wait for the spring!


rockle said...

shae loves to help shovel. loves it. which is fine with me because as long as she does it i don't have to.

mom said...

he is too cute and seriously the three of you were outside from after breakfast til bathtime i love you mom