Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow-torious B.I.G.

As I'm sure you all heard, we had a blizzard here yesterday. It started snowing on Tuesday around 2:30pm, and when it stopped yesterday around 9:30am, we had about 20 inches of snow on the ground. We had provisions and lots of layers, so we were fine.
This is Joe, trekking out to the street. They plowed it sometime in the middle of the night, and then sometime again yesterday mid-morning. This was before the second plowing. It is still snowing, and you can see that the snow is up to at least his knee. The winds were pretty strong, drifting the snow about a quarter of the way up our front door. Hence the bad picture quality. Not only is it snowing, but I couldn't open the front door, so this is taken through our screen.
Joey couldn't wait to get out side and help shoveling. This is during our second stint. You can tell because (1) he wouldn't let us put his hood up the second time and (2) part of the driveway is shoveled out. It took Joe the better part of three hours to get the driveway completely shoveled out.
This little guy was for the most part a good helper. Except when he took the snow from the snow banks and put it back on the driveway. At least he stayed entertained! (And yes, with the added snow from the driveway, the snow on the sides of the driveway are taller than Joey.)


mom said...

i hope it melts pretty soon..i've had enough and we are nowhere near 20 inches !!!! love mom

rockle said...

god bless your hearts.

rockle said...

ps i did something to my gmail account so my comments might look weird until i figure out how to un-bork it.