Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On Sunday, the boys went up to Keystone for a day on the slopes, and us girls took the kids to the zoo. It was a gorgeous 60 degree day, and we weren't the only ones enjoying the sunshine.
The kids are at a great age. They can see a lot of the animals, and actually love running up to the different exhibits to find the animals.
The reptile house was especially entertaining. Many of the windows are the perfect height, and the kids couldn't get close enough.
Everyone got into it. There were five kids under 28 months, and they just fed off each other. Whenever one ran over to look at something, they all were there.
Of course, lunch time couldn't come soon enough for them. They all looked so grown-up, sitting at the table eating their lunches.
It was not only an exciting day, but a tiring one as well. In total, we had five sleeping babies on the walk home.


rockle said...

i love how joey is all sacked-out, using another kid as a pillow. obviously he's been taking shae lessons.

mom said...

okay i'm trying

Shelze said...

We need to get one of those strollers for vacay!