Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm just going to keep taking this blog back in time until I catch up on all the fun stuff we've done this fall. By that time we may be ready for Thanksgiving. (just kidding - maybe)
I think it was two weekends before Halloween (or maybe more) that we went to Goebbert's in Schaumburg. On your way into the actual "park," they have all these cute cutouts you can pose by.
Here are the boys next to Buzz Lightyear.
Joey even got to ride in the Mystery Machine with Shaggy.
Jacob had some of his own fun posing with Daddy.
There were of course play tractors that boys couldn't wait to get on. They had so much fun playing together (and their friends, who I'm sure will make an appearance in another post).
I even managed to get the family to pose for a group shot. OK, pose might be a stretch, but they at least all sat still for me.

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