Friday, November 8, 2013

Goebbert's Part 2

Goebbert's not only had pumpkins, but it's very own petting (and feeding) zoo. The first animal the kids get to see? A giraffe!
Our friends bought a cup of carrots, and the kids couldn't wait to feed the giraffes. Well, their kids couldn't wait. Mine was scared to death.
There were also chickens to feed. Again, the kids were in heaven.
Even Jacob had fun watching the chickens run around the pen.
The kids also loved watching the pumpkin-eating dinosaur.
So much so that my kid actually left the petting zoo to go back out and watch the dinosaur eat more pumpkins!
We managed to get him back inside, and he and jacob had fun feeding the cows.
After all the excitement, the kids ended the visit playing on the slides and climbing area. Joey had fun "catching" Jacob at the bottom of the slide. (Full disclosure: Jacob would slow himself to the point of almost flipping over using his shoes. No need to catch him at the bottom. Was necessary to catch him once almost flipping off the slide, though. Fun times for mommy.) 

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