Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did That Really Happen?

So you remember those beautiful fall photos from Saturday I posted yesterday? Well, this was the scene Monday night after dinner.
Yes, that's snow you see on the ground. It started out as rain in the morning, but by the time we were coming back from lunch, the rain had started to turn to snow. It stuck on the grass and the cars. (Luckily, I kept the scraper and my good winter gloves in the trunk all summer, so I was prepared for this.) I had to promise Joey that if he at all his dinner, he could go outside.
Of course, as soon as Joey went outside, Jacob started screaming and crying to join in the fun. He doesn't yet have boots, but we have the snowsuit from when Joey was one, so out he went. The first thing he grabbed out of the garage was his hockey stick. I love my kids.
Yes, that's a headlamp on top of Joey's hat. I picked up a three-pack at Costco. I figured that since it gets dark so early in the winter, it would be fun for Joey to run around the backyard with it on. Didn't see him using it in the snow quite yet, but I'm glad he liked it.
Jacob was just so happy to be outside with his brother. I need to find some mittens with thumbs that fit him; I'm sure we have some somewhere. In the meantime, glad to see my boys love to be outdoors (especially in the snow) as much as I do!

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