Friday, July 13, 2012


Jacob and I had some visitors this week, which was definitely a welcome change to our normal routine. On Tuesday, Aunt Danielle and Wolfie stopped by.
 Wolfie loved his little cousin, and kept wanting to touch him. They're going to have so much fun together when they get bigger.
He also had a lot of fun playing with Ginny. Not sure how much fun Ginny had, but Wolfie had a blast.

On Wednesday, our friends Cara and Grace stopped by to say hello. Grace is going to have a little brother in a few weeks, so she couldn't wait to practice holding the baby.
 Like Joey, she just loves to look at him.
Her mommy was able to capture a shot where she was looking up at the camera. (Apparently that doesn't happen all that often.) And Jacob stayed awake just long enough for us to snap these.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to hold him and visit with all love mom

rockle said...

grace has gorgeous hair. that is all.

db said...

Very cute! Wolfie had fun that day. Hope your first week back at work is going well. Let's set up another playdate soon...with Joey too.