Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swimming Progression

For someone who practically grew up in the pool, I have felt like I failed at instilling that same love of the water in my son. I'm sure it's not really anything I've done (other than not exposing Joey to the pool enough), but summer is just not the same on dry land. So was I ever thrilled with how well Joey took to the pool this past weekend in Easton. It took Nana to pull him in, but then I could see that by the end of the summer, I could easily mold him into a fish like the rest of my family.
It all started just putting his piggies in the water.
Then Aunt Shelley was able to hold on to him (and Makayla) to experience the "bubbles" (also known as the water return).
I couldn't believe it when he let me throw him up into the air and splash down into the water. Granted, I didn't let him go under, but he definitely got plenty wet. And although I missed it, he even "dunked" himself, putting his head completely under the water. I plan on building on this through the rest of the summer, spending lots of time on the weekends around the water - Buszi's pool or maybe even a few lakes. We'll see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

so glad to finally see pictures...miss you sooooooo much love mom

rockle said...

YAY! and then next summer: THE BIG WATERSLIDE.