Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Fun Out East

A few more images from our last-minute weekend trip to Pennsylvania.
Going for a walk with Nana.
Joey going down the slide on his belly.
Makayla going down the slide "on her own" (with Nana close behind).
Cleaning the windows at Nana Mousie's - because what's more fun than cleaning?
Pop-pop and his babies - at least the younger two.
Amazing Spiderman face painting at the Sacred Heart Church picnic.

I swear, we spent lots of time with Shae, too. I know Rachel took some pictures, so you'll have to check her blog to see all the shenanigans (and pictures of all the cousins).


Anonymous said...

for some reason i can only look at pictures 4, 5 and 6 love mom not that i would complain

Shelze said...

Thanks for the photos. Looks like everyone had a great time!