Monday, July 23, 2012

A Morning at the Beach

We met up with our friends at the beach on North Avenue on Saturday morning. In the ten years I've lived in the Chicago area, this was my first trip to the beach. I mean, there's no ocean, so how much of a beach could it be?
Here's the whole crew taking a little snack break. We bought the sun shade the day before, and it was a little bigger than we expected, but it worked out great. Kept Jacob out of the sun completely.
This is the view from the beach. How cool is it to see the skyline like that? Not something you see at the Jersey Shore.
Tano had lots of fun playing with this beach ball we found.
And Diego and Joey had fun playing with the sand. All said, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had at the lake beach. There were even some waves that were just big enough for the kids. Joey went in the water when I dragged him in, but maybe next time, he'll go in on his own.


Anonymous said...

i love what pictures i can view also its better to be tricky with joey...his mind is much sharper than you think !!!

rockle said...

in new jersey the "skyline" features giant ferris wheels and possibly snooki, so WHATEVER. (also related: shae watches some show on the disney channel that is apparently based in chicago - she recognized the skyline INSTANTLY and started jumping up and down with excitement.)

Shelze said...

Hmm, Maybe I should come out to go to the lake beach. I like that, "lake beach."