Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Catching Up ...

With my sister and her family in Chicago, I got a little behind on the blogs. Here are some photos to catch up. (Check out her blog for lots of photos from the trip - I have some, but she was definitely the photographer.)

From our first walk. June 22nd. (He took an earlier walk with Nana and Pop-pop, but this was our first trip out in the stroller.)

Chilling in the swing. June 24th. 
Joey was a little jealous of me taking all the pictures of Jacob, and told me, "Take a picture of me by Jacob." So here he is standing by Jacob.
Trying to keep cool in this oppressive weather. June 29th.
More pictures of the weeklong adventure with the Gonzales family to come.


Anonymous said...

good just catch up when you can love mom

rockle said...

"take a picture of me by jacob" is hilarious for some reason.