Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying Cool

There's no better way to stay cool than a nice ice cream cone. Since the summer started, Joey has gotten much better at eating them. He definitely takes after  his mom and would eat ice cream all day every day if we let him. He'll even go into the freezer and pull out the half gallon and hand it to me.
It's still a little messy, but at least he loves (and asks for) vanilla, so not as bad as chocolate everywhere.
He's doesn't quite like eating the cone yet. He'll try a few bites, but it's just not his thing. Eventually he'll realize it's just like a cookie. Until then, Mommy gets the leftovers.


Anonymous said...

good that will give pop-pop something to do fight over eating ice cream love mom

rockle said...

it's good that he likes "plain" ice cream - we've introduced shae to the sundae and now it's her primary dessert demand when she knows she's going to be allowed dessert. except: her idea of an "ice cream sundae" is whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a maraschino cherry. she doesn't even require the ICE CREAM. which is handy, sometimes, but weird.

then again, i have been known to eat coffee cups full of cool whip, so i guess i know where she gets THAT particular habit from, too.

anyway, ice cream on vacation will be a Very Good Thing.