Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catching Up ... Wisconsin

So I realize it's been a while since I've blogged, so I'm going to try to catch us up over the next week and a half or so. Let's get right to ... our trip to Wisconsin.
This first image is a picture of Joey crashed out at Buszi and Grandpa's house the night before our trip. And this is setting an extremely important precedent ... two weeks later, he still prefers to sleep on the floor rather than his bed.
Joey was so excited to hit the road! Mommy was also excited to have extra help keeping Joey entertained. If we're being honest, I sort of "dumped" him on Buszi for most of the trip up, and I was more than happy to sit up front, help navigate, and read my books.
The house was absolutely gorgeous. There was space inside for all the families to have their own floor, and there was plenty of space for Joey to run around outside.
I had to take a picture of Joey and the bear.
Completely unprompted, the boy wasted no time getting down to work and watering all the flowers on the porch and steps. He really does love to help!

Editor's note: I promise not all the pictures I post over the next week and a half will be repeats. Just bare with me.

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Anonymous said...

glad to see we have some contact was getting worried but have no spare time !!!! love mom