Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Child

Saturday was an extremely busy day for us. Early morning, we left to hang out with Buszi and Grandpa. Of course, Joey wanted to head to the park.
He had fun on the swings, and the sliding board, and in the sand box.
After lunch, we had to help clean up the mess we made with milk and Rice Krispies.
That afternoon, we got to head over to Diego's grandparents' house and wish him a Happy Birthday!
And then, the fete accompli, we went to the Blues Bar. Where Joey took the kick drum mike and decided he was going to put on a show.
Seriously. It didn't even need to be wired. If you stood close enough to the stage, you could hear him. It was awesome.


rockle said...

HAIRCUT! he looks like an adorable little hipster.

rockle said...

oh and also: i might look into a cheap karaoke machine for vacation.

Anonymous said...

hope he sings better than his nana!!!! love mom