Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tractor! (Or The Christmas Pictures that Never Got Posted)

I think I promised about a week ago to catch up on the blog. Then I couldn't get to it. I mean, no matter what I did, the page would take well over two minutes to open. Way too long to try to post something. Then life just got in the way. So now, almost a month later, I give you ... Christmas morning!

Here's Joey with his presents Christmas morning. It was actually an interesting morning. He opened a couple while Skyping with Aunt Rachel and Shae, and a couple more while Skyping with Nana and Pop-pop (and Aunt Shelley and Makayla). Then he had to WAIT until Buszi and Grandpa got to the house. And he did!
He was so excited to get his mp3 player!
But once he got the tractor, there was no getting off it. He opened the rest of his presents while riding it.
He did eventually get sick of Mommy taking pictures of him on the tractor. And I'm sure you'll have no problem believing this is the best one I have.

So there, I'm finally done with Christmas posts. Except I think I might have a couple more from Easton that I might want to post. I don't remember. Guess you'll just have to stay tuned.


mom said...

where are the boots pictures???? i've been waiting love mom

burger-burger said...

i just posted pictures from christmas and you're worried about the boots? i wear them everyday, so even if there are no pictures, they're well-loved.

rockle said...

you got boots? i didn't get boots. (although i am getting new boots on monday, when they come into the store from atlantic city. they're crocs because I AM THAT MOM.)

Shelze said...

Rachel, I saw the croc boots...they are cool!