Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second Hair Cut

After weeks of people either commenting that Joey needed a haircut or complimenting his new haircut (which he didn't have), I figured it was time I actually took him in. We had a pretty decent experience at a Great Clips, so I figured that should work again. (Plus I had a coupon for $8.99. Spending more than $10 on a 2-year-old's haircut just seems crazy.)
Joey sat pretty well again for the stylist. I did give him a lollipop early on, as he seemed headed for a meltdown. The lolli worked as planned. Unfortunately, the haircut did not. The stylist asked what the previous sylist had used, and I said both scissors and clippers, although she only used the clippers around the ears. He took that as license to use the clippers. And between you and I, he should have lost his license for what he did to my poor boy.
Now don't get me wrong - Joey is still adorable. But the haircut is so uneven, if you look closely, it sometimes looks like he has bald spots. And if you've looked closely at any of the pictures I've posted in the past few days, you'll also notice it sticks out funny at random locations. Fortunately for him, his hair grows much faster than his mom's, so in about a month or so I should be able to take him to my stylist to get it evened out. With scissors.
PS - I had no idea my sister was also blogging about her kid's haircut. Complete coincidence. Promise.


mom said...

he is still a doll the hair will grow you are right!!!! love mom

rockle said...

i actually like the short cut, he looks like a toy soldier doll! but yeah ... i always take shae to the same place and we almost always get the same stylist because i don't want to mess with her head. i have NO IDEA how to do her hair and if it got wrecked i'd be even worse. you're lucky you got a boy. ;-)