Monday, December 20, 2010


My in-laws dug out one of the model trains the boys have, knowing Joey would go nuts. I'm not sure he had quite the reaction they were hoping for, but he was definitely intrigued.
One of the cool things about the train is it is remote-controlled. Joey studied and studied and knew how to use that remote within five minutes.
He would hit a button, see what happened, and then hit another one. Just pressing and watching and pressing and learning.
He also realized (with a little help from Mom) that he could put his trucks in the hopper car.
We'll have to find Daddy's H-O scale trains for next year!


mom said...

i cant believe how grown up he is cant wait to see you love mom

rockle said...


burger-burger said...

very observant. he did get a haircut. it was butchered. but i'm trying not to get too upset because i know it'll grow back. (see pictures from previous day for evidence.)

Shelze said...

I love the haircut! That was the first thing I noticed. Well, that and how into that remote he was! Can't wait to see you guys!