Friday, December 10, 2010

Filling Daddy's Shoes

After dinner tonight, Joey decided he wanted to play with Daddy's shoes. Apparently at school, they have a ton of dress-up clothes, all of the feminine persuasion. I think he would much rather pretend to be Daddy than anyone else.
Trying to tie the shoelaces.
Mommy, can you help?
Well, maybe I can figure this out on my own.
Ta-da! (Maybe Mommy helped a little.) Look how happy he is. If these weren't hiking boots that probably weigh a good 7 lbs each, he would have worn them all night.


mom said...

and if you wanted him to wear them he would not have been so agreeable...did you find boots ? love mom

rockle said...

i love how those boots are as long as joey is tall.

Shelze said...

I love his facial expressions!