Friday, November 12, 2010

A Mighty Wind

Joey loves to do whatever Mommy and Daddy do, and this week he has fixated on the blow dryer. Every morning he tells me I need to use it, and then when I'm done, he wants his turn.
I think it's a little heavy for him, but he still loves to do his hair. (Only on his right side, though; he hasn't gotten the "all over" idea yet.)
But he's such a big boy and wants to do it all by himself!


rockle said...

he is just too frickin' adorable for words. i'm afraid that if ever watches shae get her hair done, he'll end up with PTSD. good lord.

Anonymous said...

at least he understands what has to get done to get ready love mom

Shelze said...

I love the faces he makes. And I do agree, he is too freakin adorable for words. Can't wait to see you guys!