Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween (A Little Late)

Joey had quite a birthday weekend. Saturday we went with Buszi and his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa for lunch. And Sunday was the double-header birthday and Halloween. Below are pictures from the first "half" of the day.
Showing off his costume (and not keeping his head still long enough for an in-focus picture).
Doing his best C. Montgomery Burns impression.
Look at my cape! Can you believe this thing?
Looking for candy before we even get outside. (Seriously, every night since they went trick-or-treating at school on Friday, all I hear is "lolly? lollipop?")


Anonymous said...

and what is wrong with that they are shae's favorite right now too! more than m&ms love mom

Teresa said...

Happy birthday little man!!! The costume is adorable. :-) Geneva had a tinkerbell costume which she flat refused to wear. Every time we suggested it she screamed and cried "no dress! no dress!" Ha.

rockle said...

JESUS GOD COULD HE BE ANY MORE DELICIOUS? (correct answer: maybe, if he lived closer.)