Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Driving the Tractor

Even as cold as it's been the last few nights, Joey has still wanted to be outside and play on Daddy's tractor. It's stuck in the garage right now (which is probably a good thing), but that doesn't stop his enjoyment.
He loves to use the steering wheel ...
and is always on the lookout for obstacles in his path.
He also knows what keys are for. We had to take the real tractor keys out (so he doesn't turn on the lights and run down the battery), so I gave him my set of keys. He kept trying to put the into the ignition. I mean, he knew EXACTLY what to do. And then he said, "Mommy help." (He used to cry all the time, and I told him I didn't know what crying meant, so if he needed me to help, he just had to say "Mommy help." Took about a week and the crying and whining subsided greatly.) The boy is too smart for his own good.
Editor's comment: I was going to post pictures from his birthday, but someone needed to work last night and hogged the internet cable. And I didn't get a chance to set up our new wireless router yet. So you'll have to wait until tomorrow.


rockle said...

cute! i wonder what he'll try to do out here for a week over thanksgiving. maybe i will let nana & pop-pop kidnap shae so the two of them can watch movies together.

Shelze said...

I love. l.o.v.e. the hat!

mom said...

we can wait its worth it !!!1