Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More New Toys

Joey "inherited" some "new" toys from a coworker, and couldn't wait to play with them!
It really is a shame that Disney doesn't have the "foresight" to keep toys from original Pixar movies in the market. I mean, think of all the kids that have been born since 2006 (when the original Cars movie was released) who can no longer just go to the store and buy a Sally or a Doc or a Sheriff. They could make some good dough off those kids. Although I suppose if we wait another year, it'll be seven years since the release, so maybe they'll re-release and then also re-release the toys. Doubt Joey will still be into it by then, though.


Anonymous said...

At least it might keep him occupied for a few minutes love mom

rockle said...

man ... i know! shae has been asking for a sally car to go with the holly shiftwell that she really wants.