Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In the Snow with Buszi

Sunday morning Joey and I headed over to visit his Buszi. She suggested that we bring his sled over, and try the little hills in her backyard. I didn't think Joey would be too into it, but Buszi sure had fun!
Joey did eventually get the idea of pushing Buszi, even if he wouldn't sit on the sled himself.
We even got a little walk in, although we only got about three houses down before Joey decided he wanted to turn around and get some ice cream with Grandpa.
Yeah, go figure. I thought he'd want some hot chocolate, but Grandpa was eating a Fudgsicle before we left, and that's what he wanted. I should've gotten picture of his chocolatey face. You'll just have to imagine it for yourself.


rockle said...

must be something in the water these days. we have about a case of hot chocolate in the cupboard and about a dozen boxes of girl scout cookies, and all shae wants to eat is ice cream. also: buszi kind of rocks.

Anonymous said...

dont worry next year he might not want to come back in with the sled !!! love mom