Monday, January 30, 2012

More Fun with Wolfie

After playing on the floor for a while, Joey decided he wanted to push Wolfie round in his stroller.
Then it was time for a little snack. (It didn't help that Joey didn't really eat his breakfast that morning, but thank goodness Aunt Danielle had Chex!)
 After all that playing, Joey was pooped on the way home.
(Full disclosure: he didn't actually fall asleep until we were on our way home from Buszi's house. Not that we spent any time at Buszi's house - they were at the casino - but Joey insisted we stop.)
Thanks, Aunt Danielle, for having us over! We'll definitely be doing more of this soon.


Anonymous said...

thats great and good practice for joey I'm sure the new baby will be in the stroller and out walking every day !!!! love mom

rockle said...

that picture of the two of them is pretty awesome and i suspect it would make a great easter present for buszi and grampa.

Shelze said...

I can't believe how big Wolfie is already!