Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can We Take the Dog for a Walk?

This kid is too smart for his own good. I mean, it was raining, and a little chilly, but what did he insist on doing?

Yep, the dog has him trained now. He wanted to go for a walk. He grabs her leash and then walks to the door and just gives me those eyes.

"But I really want to go for a walk with the dog!" (And if you look closely over Joey's left shoulder, you can see the dog looking in from outside, hoping Mommy will cave in.)

"I'll even hold the leash myself. Look! I know how to do it!" I'm not sure which he likes more, going for the walk or giving Ginny her treat when we get back.


rockle said...

i hate when they give you those eyes. it's like, "oh my heart, my own child, an orphan!" and they totally know you'll cave.

mom said...

probably both and wait till it gets nice maybe later this week love you mom