Friday, December 19, 2008

Surfin' Safari

Joey usually looks a little more happy than this in his chair, but today was a long day. He didn't sleep much after lunch, until Daddy came home. He always, ALWAYS falls asleep on Daddy. And the second Daddy put him down, he started crying. Time to go tend to the baby.


The Schoeneman's said...

Soon it will turn into tending to the crawler, then the walker, then the toddler. Trust me, cherish all the baby moments you can right now. The terrible twos will be here before you know it and those are fun. Just ask Christian about Hunter! Seriously, Joey is adorable and I am sure he is a wonderful baby! We cannot wait to meet him.

rockle said...

maybe when we put jpey and cupcake together their collective unnappiness will create like a black hole of sleep or something and we'll all get sucked in.

rockle said...

er, joey.