Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Ice Men

Saturday morning the boys and I went to visit their cousins Wolfie and Otto. We had some delicious donuts, and then the boys wanted to play outside. There was a giant block of snow and ice on the back patio, so of course we had fun breaking it apart and showing the ice onto the grass.
First up, one of our great helpers, Wolfie, with his blue shovel.
I made all the boys pose for a group pic, then it was back in the house to warm up a bit. (It was probably 40 outside, but after a while, even that's a little chilly.)
Otto wasn't really in a rush to head back inside, so I was able to snap this cute picture of his adorable smile.
After all that hard work, the boys were pooped, so we watched a movie. Any guesses? Cars. So I snapped a few more group shots while I had a captive audience.
As usual, the best one is also the one where my camera either decided to snap the picture too close to the flash going off, or the shutter stayed open too long I tried boosting the color, but it only does so much. I'm going to have to try to figure out another way to get iPhoto to fix these. Or maybe it's time for a better camera. Either way, the boys had a blast together, and can't wait to see their cousins again soon.

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Danielle Burger said...

Thanks for visiting and taking pics. All of the boys had a blast!