Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catching Some Air

At our friend's third birthday party, they had a bounce house. Joey wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Wouldn't go anywhere near it, especially with all the other kids in there. There was a small window later in the afternoon, when it was practically empty. I had to literally carry him into the bounce house, and stay there myself to convince him to try it out. Once he got the hang of it, he didn't want to get out.
 Sheer Joy
 Catching Some Air
The next day, the families got together again for a little Sunday brunch. At least one parent of each kid went to St. Ignatius. Family names from left to right - Offutt, Olech, Offutt, Olech holding a Stupka (Jawidzik) and Burger holding a Burger. We've already got a co-ed hockey team with a two-deep bench. When you add the other four Ignatius kids that live in Chicagoland, we can field a full soccer team. Craziness.


Anonymous said...

great job getting everyone to sit in 1 spot !!!

rockle said...

you've got seven of nine. i'll donate a hoole and a gonzales and we have a baseball team! (the gonzales will be the pitcher because she's the fiery latina, OBVIOUSLY.)