Sunday, March 25, 2012

Somebody Loves Cars

With the crazy weather around here, we finally got Joey some summer pajamas. Seriously, we were on our way home from the store and he was trying to put them on (while still in the carseat). We let him wear the shirt all day, and of course he wore them to bed. This is what he looked like right before bed ... a veritable commercial for Disney.
For those not sure, those are Cars pajamas, Cars sunglasses, numerous Cars "action figures," and yes, we were watching Cars 2 on the television. At least we finally got him to sit through Toy Story. We needed some kind of change of pace once in a while.

1 comment:

rockle said...

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE HE WILL BE ASSIMILIATED. love, shae, honorary mayor of "disneymouseland"